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In an online centric world today, it does not take a genius to figure out that the quickest way to reach out to your potential customers is via a website. However is rushing out and splurging a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars to build a website the first thing you should do? You can…. but not after you have asked yourself, “Who Should Be Benefitting from this Information.”

Getting leads is easy, getting qualified prospects who want what you have to offer takes a whole new level of skill sets. From profiling of the ideal customer’s persona, their needs and wants, their aspiration and fear, to determining what modality they would like the consume the information you have for them, you will need to test and re-test you hypothesis, to evolve with prospects, it is a dating game that never stops.

Only when you have superb clarity on the value you can add to the right group of audience, then will your website, or any marketing materials be powerful and effective. And when you think you have arrived, it is time to start the next cycle of inquiry process. This is the only way to ensure an endless stream of hungry prospects.

“The flowers are many and the nectar is out there, what is the most effective way to extract and harvest them?” Our mission is to systematically help you get there, and then continually adapt your outreach efforts to the most relevant and hungry customers who want and need what you have. Start building relationships by becoming genuinely curious what they are looking for and at which stage they are at in their journey.

Build relationship one email at a time. It is no secret that email remains the most cost-effective method of marketing and keeping top share of mind over sustained period, long after the buzz of Facebook and Google PPC is over. Add this as part of your marketing arsenal. Takes work but it will be worth the while if done right.

Contrary to popular belief, people do have time to consume information that matters to them. Instead of resorting to ‘in-your-face’ tactics to catch the prospects attention, why not take the time to add value to them first by offering share valuable tips and know-how to arouse curiosity while building trust?

There are many variations of qualifying or disqualifying a prospect online, one of the quickest way is by way of a using a simulated live webinar as an indicator. We call that webinar-as-a-brochure (WAAB). The attendance and length of the webinar consumption is a strong indication of interest level.


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